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Vehicles are an important part of society so automotive manufacturers are competing to create and offer the most outstanding automotive products. However, it is not uncommon for dysfunctionality that can be found in the form of hidden defects in products produced by automotive manufacturers, which causes losses to consumers. The purpose of this study is to examine the legal protection of consumers related to hidden defects in cars produced by automotive manufacturers and the responsibility of automotive manufacturers for hidden defects in cars that have been produced and marketed by the public. The method used in this study is in the form of normative juridical, which is a legal research method carried out by examining library materials and secondary data including primary legal sources and secondary sources. The result of this study is the exposure of legal protection in Indonesia to consumers who are harmed by the findings of the hidden defects in the vehicle they have bought from an authorized dealer that is commonly authorized under the same company of manufacturers. Therefore, the liability would also be taken by automotive manufacturers due to losses suffered by consumers for their mistakes during the production of the vehicle. Automotive manufacturers are expected to compensate for losses suffered by consumers and in the future pay attention to detailed product quality standards and product designs that will be issued so that there will be no other hidden defects in the future.


Automotive Manufacturers Car Consumer Protection Hidden Defects Responsibility

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