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The corona virus outbreak, commonly referred to as COVID-19, has been officially designated a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). To minimize the impact caused by the virus, one of the right steps is to develop a vaccine, however, with the vaccination for the Indonesian people, it is controversial so that it invites many people to give an opinion assessment, but the limited space makes it difficult for the public to express their opinion, because Therefore, people choose social media as a place to channel public opinion. Support vector machine algorithm has better performance in terms of accuracy, precision and recall with values ​​of 90.47%, 90.23%, 90.78% with performance values ​​on the Bayes algorithm, namely 88.64%, 87.32%, 88, 13%, with a difference of 1.83% accuracy, 2.91% precision and 2.65% recall, while for time the Naive Bayes algorithm has a better performance level with a value of 8.1 seconds and the Support vector machine algorithm gets a time speed of 11 seconds with a difference of 2, 9 seconds. With the results of sentiment analysis neutral 8.76%, negative 42.92% and positive 48.32% for Bayes and neutral 10.56%, negative 41.28% and positive 48.16% for SVM.


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