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There are several deadly disease for woman, one of which is servical cancer. The growth and development of the disease is very slow, so that treatment if know form the beginning will facilitate the healing process, but conversely unknown cancers from the beginning will become dangereous and deadly disease due to relatively difficult healing. Biopsy action is one way to detect the presence of cancer. In the previous study, classification of cervical cancer had the bighest accuracy value of 97,515% using the decision tree method of several feature selection technique. for this reason, this research will use the decision tree or tree C4.5 classification method, logistic function and zeroR which were previously carried out processing with instance selection with Naïve Bayes by reducing the elimination of missing values with the aim of increasing the level of accuracy better than previous studies. C4.5 classification in this study has the most maximum results compared to other classification methods with an accuracy value of 99,69%.


classification cervical cancer instance selection Naive Bayes C4.5

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