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In the era of increasingly modern technology as it a today industrial growth in the world is growing rapidly, the competition is getting tougher. One of the companies engaged on services, namely PT. Shinta VR. PT Shinta VR is engaged in serving and providing technology services for making learning videos in the field of education and as well as several types of games on interactive three dimensional form. Activities that have been running so far have shortcoming and weakness, especially in creating their product rating system, until now product assessment from customer data is still done manually or on writing. To overcome the problems that exist at PT.Shinta VR, the author intends to develop a website based product assessment application system as a VR product assessment system from customer data, product data and assessment data. The development model used is the Waterfall model. This application will describe the activities generated at each design stage. The result to be archived from this research is that the website application is able to manage customer data and assessment data more neatly, the conclusion of this study can help staff and admins optimize time and know that the system build can help staff and admins.


Website Assessement Product PT.Shinta VR Virtual Reality Waterfall

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