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 Tourism is the sources of income which is influenced by customer satisfaction. One way to know customer satisfaction is feedback, one of which is a review using an application. One of the feedback applications is Google Review. Such applications are have been widely used, for example in this study in this case study, Summarecon Mal Bekasi, can reach 60,000 comments. To find out the sentiment of the large number of comments, it is necessary to use computational tools. The current research applies sentiment analysis using the Naïve Bayes method and the Support Vector Machine. Data retrieval is done by web scrapping technique. Furthermore, the comment data is processed by pre-processing and labelling using the Lexicon dictionary. The process of applying sentiment analysis is carried out to determine whether the comments are positive or negative. In this study, the accuracy of the Naïve Bayes and Support Vector Machine methods in conducting sentiment analysis on the Summarecon Mal Bekasi review with a data of 2,143 comments with an accuracy for Naïve Bayes and Support Vector Machine 80.95% and 100% respectively. A Jason-style application is built to show the implementation in Flask framework.




Summarecon Mal Bekasi , Naïve Bayes , Lexicon RStudio. Sentiment Analysis

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