Aims | Scope 


By adopting a multidisciplinary perspective on innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Journal (ITEJ) bridges the gap between scientific research, policy-making and practice by providing a platform for visionary and pioneering research and thought leadership enabling the understanding of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship and the appreciation of its implications.


  1. Innovation (including but not limited to: open innovation, innovation adoption and diffusion, organizational behavior and innovation, creativity, improvisation, and individual innovation, innovation in teams and groups, institutional and social innovation, consequences of innovation, critical approaches to innovation or innovation alliances and networks) in relation to knowledge, and vice versa.

  2. New practical models and paradigms for understanding and fostering innovation and technology related to business survival/growth and sustainability.

  3. In economic development, entrepreneurship studies include characteristics, motivation, business financing, and business strategy.

  4. New business creation, incubators, networks, technology parks, etc

  5. Technological/organizational innovation

  6. Technopreneurship, licensing/franchising

  7. Marketing of innovations by entrepreneurs