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Vol 20 No 2 (2022): July-December

Published: Jan 8, 2023

Increased E-commerce and Fintech Transactions During the Covid-19 Pandemic

93-107 Ayunda Putri Nilasari, Retnosari Retnosari, Endang Kartini Panggiarti, Erni Puji Astutik

The Perceived Value For International Halal Makeup Product In Thailand

108-123 Delvicka Ismaja, Ploypailin Kijkasiwat

Market Capitalisation and Financial Performance: Evidence from Banking Listed Company in Indonesia

124-136 Anita Roosmawarni, Didin Fatihudin, Nurullaili Mauliddah

Level of Financial Literacy of Women Informal Sector Workers on Welfare and Professionalisme

122-133 Naura Nazihah, Retno Rusdjijati, Rochiyati Murniningsih

What Aspects Support the Welfare of Women Workers in Informal Sector?

133-144 Amadhea Arinta Kusuma Putri, Retno Rusdjijati, Marlina Kurnia
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