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Vol 20 No 1 (2022): January - June

Published: May 10, 2022

An Integrated Investment Scheduling Model for New Job Shops: A Phase-In Approach

1-17 Musibaudeen Olatunde Idris, Busayo Sunday Adeboye, Fatai Abolore Yusuf, Selimat Aderike Adekanye

The Causality of Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth in Indonesia

18-30 Purwiyanta Purwiyanta, Ambar Pujiharjanto, Rini Dwi Astuti, Ploypailin Kijkasiwat

The Green Entrepreneurship Behavior: A Literature Review

31-49 Maisaroh Maisaroh, Hunik Sri Runing Sawitri, Nor Hanuni Ramli

Disclosure Determinants of Provincial Financial Statements

50-64 Pancawati Hardiningsih, Hascaryo Pramudibyanto, Ida Kristiana, Suhadi Suhadi

Has there been a Change in the Need for Additional Funds due to Covid 19? Influencing Factors

65-74 Sri Hermuningsih; Pristin Prima Sari; Anisya Dewi Rahmawati

Workplace Flexibility Research 2015-2020: A Challenge for Future Research

75-92 Helmiatin Helmiatin, Hunik Sri Runing Sawitri, Nguyen Thanh Vu
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