General requirements
The terms of the article submitted for loading are:
1. The material should be relevant to the business and economic fields.
2. Articles to be published have never been published on any media.

Article Writing:
1. Articles are written in Indonesian / English, taking into account EYD rules.
2. Systematic discussion in the article:
    a. The article title is no more than 12 words in english and indonesian language.
    b. author's name is written without a title, followed by an email address, institutional name, and institutional address.
    c. Abstract contains a summary of research, among others, about the background, objectives, methods, results, and research contributions. Abstract is written at the beginning of the text and not more than 200 words (in English and Indonesian). Abstracts are followed by three to six keywords to facilitate the preparation of the article index.
   d. research methods include methods of selection and data collection, operational definitions and measurement variables, and methods of data analysis.
   e. discussion and results contain discussion of the findings, describes the analysis of descriptive statistics and research data required.
   f. conclusions and suggestions contain research conclusions and explain the implications of the findings and limitations of research or suggestions put forward by researchers for future research.
   g. the bibliography contains the sources cited in article writing.

3.  Additional rules for article draft:
   a. The table title is written above the table, there are only three rows (border) horizontal and the size of the letters may be smaller.
   b. The title of the image is written below the image and can be smaller.
   c. Artilkel is written in Times New Roman 12, space 1.5, and the number of pages between 20-30 pages

4. Publication fee:

If this paper is accepted for publication, Authors are required to pay an Article Publication cost as follow:
1. Publication Fee 500k
2. proofread (if author use JURBE's service) 300k
3. Plagiarism Check (if author use JURBE's service) 200k

5. Article Cancelation:

If the article has passed review round and authors decide to take back their article. consecuences will as follow:
Pay Reviewer fee for 500k
Jurbe entitles to black list other orticles from the same University as the authors for the next 4 issues