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Baitul Mal Darussalam as one of the institutions under the auspices of LazisMu Bandongan has a role in increasing public awareness in the utilization of zakat. The problem faced by LazisMu is increasing the contribution and awareness of the wider community, so that they are willing to pay zakat mal. LazisMu Bandongan created a program called "Baittul Mal Governance" which aims to provide an existence of Zakat. This program is intended to socialize the Baitul Mal movement, not only for the residents of Cangakan to be motivated to contribute, but also to inspire the wider community that zakat mal needs to be encouraged to help the underprivileged. The activity is carried out using a Participatory Rural Appraisal approach. The result of this activity is a video that is used to promote the activities and the important role of Zakat in Cangakan. While the benefits for the community are providing education about the benefits of Baitul mal in alleviating poverty. Through this activity, it is hoped that it will be able to increase public awareness in various areas regarding the multiplier effect of Baitul Mal.


Zakat LazisMu Baitul Mal Darussalam

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