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Children are highly prone to certain psychological challenges, particularly at elementary level. These problems are predominantly influenced by environmental and academic conditions. Therefore, this research aims to stimulate the growth and development of school-age children from various perspectives. This activity was conducted at Al-Qur'an Education Park, Baitul Arsy Mosque, Hamlet 008, Delima village, Tampan sub-district, Pekanbaru, between September-December 2020. Additionally, the class II-VI students were selected as the participants during the seven TKT sessions. The research implementation incorporated description, modeling, role-playing, feedback and transfer techniques. Session 1 comprised of a comprehensive analysis on the growth and developmental characteristics of the school-age children. Meanwhile, sessions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 involved the stimulations of motor, cognitive and language, emotional and personality, moral and spiritual as well as the psycho-social perspectives. However, session 7 encompassed the overall stimulation from 1-6. The students are more knowledgeable about self-responsibility and psychological changes. This phenomenon tends to boost confidence as well as the ability to establish friendships and improve academic learning.


Therapeutic group therapy Stimulation of growth and development psycho-social

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