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The rate of new breast cancer cases is globally on the rise. This health condition is the most common cancer type suffered by adult women and adolescents in Indonesia. There is also a widespread concern of an increasing risk in subsequent generations. Therefore, the need to provide extensive awareness and prevention efforts appears very paramount, particularly in a premature stage. Early detection and diagnosis have been proved effective in breast cancer reduction and treatment. The peer group 'GiRLs Can' was formed to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities related to active breast cancer prevention. This initiative also involved peer education in the form of training, demonstration, practice and re-training. The results showed 90% of the ‘GiRLs Can’ members were well-informed on the basic concepts of breast cancer, and demonstrated accurate self-examination processes, meanwhile 89% were able to invite other peers to partake in the self-examination. Furthermore, the service team recommended the formation of similar groups in other locations.


Youth group Breast cancer Breast self-examination movement

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