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During the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the learning in schools is done online. This requires teachers to have the skills to use various online learning media. Teachers are also required to have the ability and mastery of various learning methods. Teachers of ABA Playgroups and kindergartens are the spearhead in early childhood learning, and are expected to have teaching abilities and skills. Therefore, training was conducted to create and use big book storytelling for IGABA Banjarmasin teachers. This training is carried out using two methods, namely theory and practice. In the training phase, it is filled with (1) What is Big Book?, (2) How to make children's stories, (3) Benefits and Ways of Storytelling, (4) Children's Character Education and lastly, and (5) Practice. The result of this activity is that participants have the knowledge and skills to make big book storytelling and understand how to apply it as a character learning method for early childhood.


Storytelling Big books Teacher of ABA playgroups and kindergartens

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