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Batik is one of the handicrafts that contributes to the national GDP. Apart from being a handicraft sub-sector, batik is also included in the fashion sub-sector. Thus, batik is a commodity that needs to be taken into account and developed so that it can continue to contribute to the national GDP. Some tourist areas in Indonesia make batik as a distinctive souvenir with the characteristics of each motif. Pela as one of the tourist villages in East Kalimantan also wants to develop batik which has a distinctive motif. For this purpose, the Pela Village tourism awareness group, funded by the RASI Conservation Foundation, held a training for batik stamped with the pesut fish motif. The training method used is by delivering theory and direct practice of making stamped batik with a pesut motif. The results obtained from the training, the participants were able to make their own porpoise stamped batik with natural coloring.


Distinctive batik Cap Technique Pesut fish Tourist village Training

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