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One of the nursing problems that arises in emergency patients is ineffective brain tissue perfusion, characterized by a reduction in brain tissue circulation due to low oxygen levels in the brain and a decrease in the Glasgow Coma Scale value. This condition leads to patient disorientation. If not promptly treated, it can lead to an increase in intracranial pressure and worsen the patient's condition. Oxygen is a vital gas component and element that plays a crucial role in metabolic processes, safeguarding the survival of all cells in the body. This activity aims to provide education to nurses, enhancing their knowledge and skills in oxygenation principles in emergency situations. The methods employed include mentoring, lectures, discussions, demonstrations by facilitators, and re-demonstrations by participants for evaluation. Evaluation results indicate a 40% increase in the understanding and knowledge of students and nurses concerning the provision of oxygen therapy in emergency situations, rising from 55% to 95%.


Education Emergencies Oxygenation

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