Total Factor Productivity (TFP) Perkembangan Teknologi Terhadap Pdb Sektor Industri Kreatif Indonesia (

  • Roosita Meilani Dewi STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta
Keywords: creative industry, creative industry sector GDP, total productive factor (TPF)


This study aims to determine the effect of technological growth (TFP), the number of businesses, and the number of creative industry workforce on the GDP of the creative industry in Indonesia as well as analyzing the interrelationships between exports and GDP of the creative industry with 16 sub-sectors in the 2010-2015 period sourced from bekraf and BPS. In this study the author uses Judgment Sampling method. Judgment Sampling or purposive is data collection on the basis of mere personal skill or consideration strategies. The data obtained in this study is secondary data obtained through literature studies derived from BEKRAF and BPS, the literature or sources that support this research. The data 188 obtained in the study were analyzed escriptively and quantitatively. Descriptive method is a method related to the collection and presentation of a data group in the form of graphs so as to provide useful information. This method is used to provide an explanation of the conditions and contribution of 16 creative industry sub-sectors in Indonesia. quantitative data analysis method is by calculating technology growth (TFP) with regression models, analyzing the factors that influence creative industry GDP with regression models, and analyzing the linkages of GDP with exports. The data analysis model used is panel data regression and Granger causality test. The results of this study indicate that the creative industries with the highest contribution are culinary and fashion. In the period 2010-2015, on the average the culinary industry subsector contributed GDP of 190 trillion rupiah (32.17 percent). TFP
calculation results show that the creative industry research and research subsector has the smallest  technological growth trend. The results of the regression model of Indonesia's creative industry GDP show that the number of businesses, TFP growth, exports, and household consumption of the creative industry has a significant positive effect on the GDP of Indonesia's creative industry, while the creative industry sector has no significant effect.


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