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Indonesia is yet to have a coherent legal theory or framework since its independence. In response to this, and influenced by Fred W. Riggs’s ideas in social transformation, the concept of prismatic law evolved in the Indonesian legal system. This idea needs to be tested regarding the conceptual roots and relation to the Indonesian legal system based on Pancasila. The method used is normative-conceptual, where the construction as a legal characteristic is connected with the built-in concept. Therefore, secondary data was mostly used with qualitative-prescriptive analysis techniques. Since the social legal process was adopted, the law should be viewed from social reflection instead of an ‘import’ theory that is difficult to implement. The pluralistic character of law is in line with the prismatic legal paradigm, where the spirit of pluralism appears in this idea. As a suggestion, legal education should be directed at encouraging moralists for law enforcement to realize a sense of justice based on the principle of legal pluralism.


Prismatic Concept National Legal System Legal Pluralism

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