The Development of Customer Journey Mapping in Digital-Based Start-up Businesses

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Realita Lahadcni
Syerie Zulkifli
Teara Noviyani Sekar


This research is motivated by the large number of developments in digital start-ups and large digital-based companies that are starting to understand customers. This research aims to analyze Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) and examine what instruments are involved in digital-based start-up companies to finally develop a process model for CJM in digital-based start-up businesses. This study uses the qualitative case study method on digital-based start-up companies in Magelang and Yogyakarta, Indonesia by conducting in-depth interviews with 5 start-up owners/CEOs. The results of this research show that CJM has three stages that customers will go through and the company will respond to. In the form of prepurchase, purchase, and post-purchase stages, all stages simultaneously relate to creating a unique experience. For practical implication, this model can be maximized in start-up businesses to acquire loyal customers.


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