BMAR is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide original research articles, review articles, and case study on economic management. This journal is issued twice a year and it is a tool for researchers, academics, and practitioners who wished to channel their thoughts and findings in the field of management Studies.


The scope of this journal are include:

1. Financial management consist of Project and corporate financing, Risk management, Market analysis, Investment theory and practice, Economics of sustainability and renewal, Financial aspects of statutory regulations, energy and environment, Cost evaluation and financial implications

2. Marketing management consist of Strategy in marketing, Market preference, Digital marketing, Marketing channel, Channel of distribution, Market analysis, Type and size of market

3. Human Resource management consist of HR measurement, HR performance, HR Motivation and intention, turn over, company performance

4. Entrepreneurship consist of Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs intention, Entrepreneurship policy, Growth of the business, Business sustainability, Entrepreneurship context, Innovation and creativity.