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During the Covid-19 period, digital learning is the last option, and it is causing concern among parents about the possibility of student learning returning to normal. According to the findings of the community survey, parents faced numerous challenges, as evidenced by students' decreased enthusiasm for learning. Based on the existing issues, community service activities in the Gondangmanis village are required, as well as intensive assistance in developing student interest through online learning empowerment. According to the results of the student ability assessment, 90% of the students are in the "very good" category. The average index value of 182.9 for Kandangan hamlet and 153.3 for Manisrenggo hamlet indicates that students in Gondangmanis village are more interested in online learning. This means that during the pandemic, community empowerment activities based on the use of digital learning can increase student learning enthusiasm.


Digital learning Community empowerment Student enthusiasm index

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