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Paprika is a major horticultural commodity with high cultivating potentials, due to excess demand from both within and outside the country. Currently, farmers are unable to meet the existing market needs, because of limited planting and production. Therefore, extensive efforts are necessary to enhance the yield, including the use of hydroponic cultivation technique. The purpose of this study is to provide comprehensive information on the hydroponic cultivation of paprika, using a drip irrigation system. The information collection was carried out at the Agricultural and Rural Self-Help Training Center (P4S) of Total Cantigi Farm, Garut Regency, West Java, served as the research location. Meanwhile, data collection from interviews, mini-seminars, direct field observations, and literature studies was conducted between February 1st-28th, 2021 at the Agricultural and Rural Self-Help Training Center (P4S), situated in similar site. The results showed the processes of paprika cultivation, including seeding, planting, caring (watering, fertilization, embroidery, rope installation, twisting, wiping, branch selection, fruit collection, pesticide application and disease control), harvest, and post-harvest activities.


Paprika Cultivation Hydroponics Drip irrigation

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