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Science in Elementary School aims to enable students to understand science concepts, process skills, have an interest in studying
the natural surroundings, the scientific attitude and be able to apply the concepts of science. Submission of science just by general
lecturing and examination tend to make students bored and mastery of the science by the students less than the maximum.
Submission of science by providing hands on experience to students through the use of KIT is one alternative in science learning.
The aim of this research is to know how the impact of science KIT training towards the development of scientific capabilities
for elementary school teachers in Magelang. This pre-experimental study using a sample of 14 teachers from 12 primary schools
in Magelang. Data collection techniques used in this research is through questionnaires, while data analysis using descriptive
statistics of the questionnaire. The conclusion that can be drawn from this study is that science KIT training can provide a
positive impact on the development of the scientific capabilities of the teachers.


Science Kit Scientific Capabilities

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