Analisis Inefisiensi Teknis Pertanian Padi Organik dan Anorganik di Kecamatan Kebakkramat Kabupaten Karanganyar Berdasarkan Fungsi Produksi Frontier Stokastik

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Agung Riyardi
Agustin Lila Cahyani
Shendy Putra Prasetya


The purpose of this research is estimating technical inefficiency of organic and chemical paddy farmings in Kebakkramat District of Karanganyar municipality. The concept used are the frontier production function in agriculture, the technical inefficiency and An the concept of organic and chemical paddy farmings. The research method is a quantitative research method based on a numeric data achieved from a questionnaire interview to paddy farmers in the Kebakkramat District. The data is processed using a half-normal distribution spesification of the stochastic production frontier and the technical inefficiency ratio formula. The functional production function is a cobb-Douglas production function. Variables consist of the number of paddy production as a dependent variable and the land width, the number of paddy seed, the number of farming worker, the number of paddy pesticide and the number of paddy fertilizer (organic and chemical fertilizers) as independent variables. The result shows that all of the farmings have a low technical inefficiency. Another result shows that the technical inefficiency of organic fertilizer farmings is a slight higher than chemical farmings. All of results argue that fertilizer choice influences to the cost of farming


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