Pengaruh Perceived Desirability dan Perceived Feasibility Terhadap Entrepreneurial Intention

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Wafiatun Mukharomah
Soepatini Soepatini
Aflit Nuryulia Praswati


The aim of this study is to understand students' perceptions of perceived desirability, perceived feasibility and entrepreneurial intention.  The research study upon which this research is based has employed descriptive and causal approach. The primary data obtained from thirty-three students of double degree program in UMS by using survey. Purposive sampling method applied for this research. The analysis of the questionnaires found that students perceived carreer in entrepreneurship is good for them. In line with this, students found high support from parents to start their own business. Although the score for entrepreneurial intention indicate strong commitment for being entrepreneurs, students found themselves not quite capable in handling main aspects of running business. The regression analysis shows that there are positive significant effects of perceived desirability and perceived feasibility on entrepreneurial intention.


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