Efek Mediasi Burnout Pada Pengaruh Konflik Pekerjaan-Keluarga Terhadap Intensi Keluar (Studi Empiris Pada Bank Umum Wilayah Jawa Tengah)

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Muhdiyanto Muhdiyanto
Muji Mranani


The purposes of this research are to test the mediation effect burnout of work family conflict on the influence with intent to leave, the case study in Central Java National Banking. There are three hypotheses to be tested in this research. The method of this research surveys by using questionnaires. The questionnaires were sent to National Banking at Central Java religion. The samples of this research consist of 291 respondents. Validity tests and reliability tests were used in determining the items of the questionnaires. The hypotheses testing using a structural equation modeling (SEM) by WarpPLS programs. The result of this research is all of the hypotheses are supported. The discussion about the relationship among variables is discussed in this paper.


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