Efektifitas Hipnoterapi dan Terapi Musik Klasik Terhadap Kecemasan Ibu Hamil Resiko Tinggi di Puskesmas Magelang Selatan Tahun 2017

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Maya Shella Asmara
Heny Setyowati Esti Rahayu
Kartika Wijayanti


Background : Anxiety for pregnant woman is one of the risk factor of complication in pregnancy, because anxiety or stress can be bad for the mother and fetus. One of the efforts to overcome anxiety for pregnant woman is by giving hypnotherapy and music classic therapy. Objective : To know the effectivity of hypnotherapy and music classic therapy for anxiety of high risk pregnant woman pregnant woman at Puskesmas Magelang Selatan. Methods : The methods used in this research was quasi experiment with used two group pretest and posttest, non-equivalent control group design. Hypnotherapy and music classic therapy were give as many as 8 times during 2 weeks with duration of 15 minutes. Samples used were as many as 40 respondents in a sample using proportional random sampling technique. The anxiety of high risk pregnant woman was measured by using questionnaire. The statistical test used was wilcoxon test for measured before and after anxiety and the statistical Kolmogorov Smirnov test with significant level of p=0.013 (p=<0.05). Results : The Diferrences anxiety after hypnotherapy and musik classic therapy with a p value = 0.013 (p=<0.05). Conclusion : There was a significant difference of anxiety after hypnotherapy and music classic therapy. Hypnoteraphy was more effective in lowering than music classic therapy.


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