Identifikasi Faktor Penyebab Kemiskinan di Pedesaan dalam Perspektif Struktural

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Imron Rosyadi


This study aims to identify factors causing structural poverty in the research area. Villagers left behind in Sukoharjo District are set up as research populations. While selected as a sample is the villagers left behind in the District Weru, namely the village Weru, Tegalsari, Alasombo, Karangmojo and Karakan. Each village is represented by five heads of households, bringing the total sample to 100 households. Data needed to achieve the purpose of this study is the primary data obtained by the method of observation and interview in depth. Analysis of this research data using logistic regression, because considering dependent variable using category scale, that is not poor given code 1, and poor is coded 0. The result of this result show that education of KRT, access to capital, entrepreneur skill, profit sharing system, ownership of land area a positive and significant impact on poverty. While the presence of agricultural technology has no significant effect on poverty


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