Pengaruh Metode SPEOS Terhadap Produksi Asi pada Ibu Post Seksio Sesarea di Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Tidar Kota Magelang Tahun 2017

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Dewi Permita Sari
Heni Setyowati Esti Rahayu
Rohmayanti Rohmayanti


Background: Infant mortality rate (IMR) in Indonesia is still quite high. The cause of infant mortality is the lack of giving breast milk to infant. One of the efforts to increase the breast milk production with SPEOS method. Objectives: To know the effect of SPEOS method on breast milk production on the post-cesarean mother at RSUD Kota Magelang in the year of 2017. Method: The research design used was Quasi Experiment with one group pre-post test control group. The sampling technique was consecutive sampling with 38 respondents of the post-cesarean mother. The SPEOS method was done 30 minutes/day for 3 days. Result: analysis result for breast milk production before and after treatment got p value: 0,000. It means that there was a difference between before and after treatment while the result of measurement of intervention group and control group got p value: 0,004 meaning there was a significant difference between intervention group and control group. Conclusion: There was an influence of SPEOS method to breast milk production on post-cesarean mother at RSUD Tidar Kota Magelang


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