Praktik Pemberian Asi Eksklusif pada Karyawan Pabrik Rokok di Wilayah Kabupaten Kudus

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Ika Tristanti


Breast milk is the best food for babies. Breast milk should be exclusively given during the first six months of infant life and continued until the baby is two years old. Working will reduce the time together between mother and baby so that will affect the implementation of exclusive breastfeeding if working mothers can not do lactation management properly. Most of the mothers in Kudus District work as employees, especially in the tobacco companies. Mother works from 06:00 am to 01:00 pm and leave the baby under the care of grandmother or neighbors. The purpose of this study is to know the practice of exclusive breastfeeding on Cigarette Factory Employees in Kudus District. The design of this study is qualitative. The informants are ten mothers of babies 0-6 months . The sampling method  use  purposive sampling . The data collection use in depth interview.The results of this study are :  all the informants cannot give the breastmilk to their babies, they just give partially brestfeeding. All the informants had a positive opinion about breastfeeding. The informants knowledge about breastfeeding and milking technique were very poor.They cannot practice milking technique properly. The availability of milking facilities in company was very lack. The company’s efforts to socialize breastfeeding for employees mother were very lack because most of them never have been informed about exclusivw breastfeeding from the company.


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