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Journal title : Jurnal Tarbiyatuna
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Welcome to the Open Journal System of Jurnal Tarbiyatuna - We are pleased to inform you, Jurnal Tarbiyatuna is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles through fair quality control. We understand that authors need a facility for their paper and readers to expect reliable information from this journal. Therefore, our editorial team and reviewers strive to maintain the quality and ethics in authorship and publishing of all articles. In principle, we manage to provide best service for the islamic education research community. To assure punctuality, we openly display editorial data in journal statistics and periodically record publishing achievements in journal history so that you can participate in monitoring our process. We would like to accommodate and respond to any questions you have about direction and content of Jurnal Tarbiyatuna. We hope that this journal will become a source of insight and new inspiration for further research.

Vol 14 No 2 (2023)

Published: Dec 31, 2023

Neuropsychological Intervention Using an Islamic Religious Approach to Prevent Bullying: Case Study at Madrasah Aliyah Mu'allimaat Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

94-115 Us'an Us'an, Suyadi Suyadi, Saedah Binti Siraj

Exploring Interfaith Connections at Sobi Hill, Ilorin, Nigeria: A Comprehensive Investigation

116-129 Olatunde Oyewole Ogunbiyi, Abdulgafar Olawale Fahm, Lydia Bosede Akande

Educational Dualism in Indonesia: Systematic Literatur Review

130-146 Nurul Hidayati, Abdul Muhid, Iksan Kamil Sahri

Need Analysis for Teacher Performance Evaluation: Systematic Literature Review

147-163 Errina Usman, Moch. Surya Hakim Irwanto, Husniyatus Salamah Zainiyati, Suryani Suryani

Responsive-Anticipative Coalition-building Method in The Policy of Integration Between Diniyah Takmiliyah and Formal Elementary School Education Institutions in East Jawa

164-177 Moh. Rifqi Rahman, Ah. Zakki Fuad, Achmad Muhibin Zuhri

Integration of the Values of Surah Al Maun with the STEM Approach as a Learning Model for Muhammadiyah Schools

178-191 Rofiq Nurhadi, Siska Desy Fatmaryanti, Hüseyin Emin Sert, Jarot Wahyudi

Integration between the Western and Islamic Parenting Models: Content Analysis in A Literature Review

192-214 Lilis Madyawati, Nurjannah Nurjannah, Mazlina Che Mustafa
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