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Journal title : Jurnal Tarbiyatuna
Initials : JT
Frequency : 2 issues per year
DOI Prefix : 10.31603 by
Type of peer-review: Double-blind
Print ISSN : 2086-0889
Online ISSN : 2579-4981
Editor in chief: Irham Nugroho
Managing Editor: Norma Dewi Shalikhah
Publisher : Univ. Muhammadiyah Magelang
Citation : Dimensions, Google Scholar

 1 week 4-8 weeks
   Submission to first decision Peer-review speed
Welcome to the Open Journal System of Jurnal Tarbiyatuna - We are pleased to inform you, Jurnal Tarbiyatuna is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles through fair quality control. We understand that authors need a facility for their paper and readers to expect reliable information from this journal. Therefore, our editorial team and reviewers strive to maintain the quality and ethics in authorship and publishing of all articles. In principle, we manage to provide best service for the islamic education research community. To assure punctuality, we openly display editorial data in journal statistics and periodically record publishing achievements in journal history so that you can participate in monitoring our process. We would like to accommodate and respond to any questions you have about direction and content of Jurnal Tarbiyatuna. We hope that this journal will become a source of insight and new inspiration for further research.

Vol 15 No 1 (2024)

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