Experiential Learning pada Pembelajaran Kosakata Bahasa Inggris

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Agrissto Bintang Aji Pradana
Athia Fidian


This community empowerment aimed at improving the participants’ understanding and teaching skills of Experiential Learning on teaching vocabulary. It was given to the English teachers of elementary schools in Central Magelang. It was designed into two steps, giving material and implementing the Experiential Learning in the real classroom. The data were gathered through pre-test, post-test, and observation. The results of pre and post-test revealed that all of them had improved their understanding related to the basic concept, principles, and characteristics of Experiential Learning. The scores improved in the range of 80%, 65%, and 85% for each aspect. At the end of this step, they were guided to design a lesson plan used in the next step. On the second step, they implemented it in their English class. The teaching learning process was thoroughly observed.  It revealed that all the teachers applied almost all of the learning phases. In other words, they were able to implement the Experiential Learning in their vocabulary teaching. Based on the results it was successfully done. They already improved their understanding and skills of implementing Experiential Learning.  They did not only used a textbook but also the environment as media and gave their students chances to experience their learning to enrich their vocabulary in certain contexts.


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