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Following Extracurricular Bolavoli SMA Negeri 1 Bandongan. This research is a pre experimental research, using the form
of One Group Pretest and Posttest Design.Data in this research is taken with the test technique. Subjects in this study were all
participants extracurricular bolavoli SMA Negeri 1 Bandongan amounting to 15 students. While the test instrument used is
a test of bolavoli playing skills (Braddy volley ball test) with the coefficient validity of 0.86 while the reliability coefficient 0.93.
Data analysis uses t test statistical calculation (t-test), through test of normality test prerequisite, and homogeneity test.
The results of this study conclude that: (1) There is a significant (significance) effect between pre-test and post-test of drill
method on improving the bolavoli playing skills of extracurricular participants bolavoli SMA Negeri 1 Bandongan with preetest
and post-test thitung (- 1,904) and ttable (1.76) with significance value (0.05) <0.078. (2) The magnitude of change in
bolavoli playing skills averaged -4.333 compared to before the exercise.


Drill Model Volley Ball

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