Formulasi Pasta Gigi Daun Sirih (Piper betle L.) dengan Pemanis Alami Ekstrak Daun Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)

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Elis Widarsih
Auna Mahdalin
Kun Harismah


The most common problem most commonly suffered by the wider community is dental caries. The most common bacteria causing tooth decay is Streptococcus mutans. Stevia, as a low-calorie sweetener has bacteriocidal and bacteriocidal properties beneficial to oral health and eliminates the causes of tooth decay and gingivitis. Betel leaf plants have the ability as an antiseptic, antioxidant and fungicide, also has the properties of bleeding, healing the skin, gastrointestinal drugs and can strengthen the teeth. This study aims to determine the physical properties of dentifrice preparations that include viscosity, dispersion and homogeneity as well as the chemical properties of toothpaste preparations ie pH test. Toothpaste produced in this study has a pH between 8.18-8.45. Toothpaste viscosity of 200-300 dPas. Awareness of SNI 12-524-1995 about toothpaste, four formula of toothpaste combination of stevia leaf extract and betel leaf that have been produced have fulfilled SNI standard.


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