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Mechanical Engineering for Society and Industry (MESI) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal dedicated to academia, society, and industry to discuss complex issues in mechanical engineering. Therefore, we facilitate all research documentation related to the principles of physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems (mechanics, energy, materials, manufacturing) to solve complex engineering problems in society and industry. We understand there is a continuous process from basic research to technology commercialization, so all reports from various Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) are accommodated in this journal. Our mission is to provide information on the innovation chain: from science to wealth, especially in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) programs.


Basic technology research
This scope includes all basic research reports related to the basic principles of technology, observations of certain characteristics of a material, analytical studies, laboratory studies to validate the correctness of analytical predictions made, and studies and experiments to validate the "Proof of Concept" of a technology investigated.

Research to prove feasibility
This scope includes all research reports "breadboard validation" in a laboratory environment, where the basic technology elements have been integrated to the desired level of performance. At this level, the performance of the system is still considered low fidelity and must be consistent with the potential application requirements of the system.

Technology demonstration
This scope includes all research reports of "breadboard validation" in the relevant environment, where the performance and fidelity of the tested components should be significantly improved. Complete applications must be tested in a simulated or realistic environment. Some new technology may be involved in the demonstration.

Technology development and Prototyping
This scope includes all research reports related to the demonstration of prototypes in operational environments to check and validate the critical level of fidelity of technology demonstrations, where representative models or prototypes are tested in high fidelity laboratory environments or simulated or real operational environments.

Pilot plan and scale-up
This scope includes all research reports related to the prototype's performance in an operational environment, where the prototype must be close to the actual case or at the scale of the planned operating system and demonstrations must be carried out in the intended environment. It aims to ensure trust in technology and system management. This level also includes research reports on technological developments that have successfully worked in the final form under the expected conditions. It also consists of the integration of new technologies into existing systems.

Market launch and commercialization
This scope includes all research reports on technology performance against competitors available in the market. This is the end of the last few hits of actual system development. In some cases, this also includes a product downstream to industry and society.