Mechanical Engineering for Society and Industry is a journal dedicated to media discussions about basic science, applied science, and reports on the application of technology in the field of mechanical engineering.

Basic Science (BS)
The basic science articles resulted from basic and fundamental research. It is characterized by the presence of an explanation of a symptom or phenomenon, and or a report on a new rule, model, or postulate. The achievement of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) in basic research is 1-3. Generally, articles in this category are produced in laboratories at universities or research institutes.

Example of Basic Science Article:
Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil: Characterization, Modeling and Optimization
Written by Aditya Kolakoti, Muji Setiyo, Budi Waluyo

Applied Science (AS)
The applied science articles resulted from applied research and product development research. This is characterized by the presence of innovation as well as the development of science and technology that is beneficial to society, the business world, and/or industry. The achievement of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) in basic research is 4-9. Therefore, articles written and developed by academia and researchers from industry are more considered in this category.

Example of Applied Science Article:
Hospital Bed for Diabetes Care: An Invention to Support Professional and Hygienic Nursing Practice
Writen by Sodiq Kamal, Suroto Munahar, Aries Abbas, Yoshifumi Ito, Agus Wahyudi

Report of Technology Application (RTA)
RTA articles feature a report on the application of technology in industry and society. Reports on technology adoption by society, measurable skill improvement of modern technology by society, dissemination of technology, economic improvement due to new technology, and all technology-based community empowerment reports related to mechanical engineering are also included in this scope. Therefore, articles with collaborative authors from academia, practitioners, government officials, and NGOs will provide new insights into this category.

Learn more about Technology Readiness Level (TRL) on the NASA website or on the Ristekbrin website. We hope that this journal can be a source of new insights and inspiration for further research.