Psychological well being of social media users: A structural equation modelling analysis

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Ririn Nasriati
Dian Laila Purwaningroom
Eky Okviana Armyati
Sugeng Mashudi



Social media, as part of human life, has positive and negative impacts. Even though negative impacts have been identified, positive impacts are rarely studied. The identification of positive impacts will be useful for social media users and can be a source of information and prevention of health problems for social media users. This study used a cross-sectional design with a purposive sampling method. The research was conducted on people who live in Ponorogo and use social media. The results showed psychological well-being on social media users at normal levels and mild stress. The influencing factors are gender and education. Education to the public needs to be provided about the positive effects of social media on psychological wellbeing, especially at stress levels so that the risk of increasing mental disorders can be minimized.

Keywords: Social media; psychological well-being; mental health nurses; nursing assessment; community practice


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