Innovation in Health for Society is an open-access, peer-reviewed, International Journal focusing on innovative technology to overcome patients' health problems in the clinical and community setting. The journal publishes articles two times per year to achieve the demand for publications. Also, the journal covers all the multidisciplinary knowledge in health including Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Midwifery, and other health-related topics. 

As defined by the Department of Commerce Advisory Committee on Measuring Innovation in the 21st Century Economy,  innovation was described as “the design, invention, development, and/or implementation of new or altered products, services, processes, systems, organizational structures, or business models for the purpose of creating new value for customers and financial returns for the firm". Furthermore, innovation supports the implementation of new or significantly improved products, services, or processes including new organizational models, methods of service delivery to the patient, ways of relating to customers, and approaches to marketing health.

Literally, innovation has two points of view, as follows:

Non-disruptive innovation: This represents evolutionary, incremental, linear, or sustaining innovation, improves the healthcare system that is implemented in a way that supports the realization of new incremental opportunities or solves health-related issues.

Disruptive innovations (or radical, revolutionary, transformational, or exponential innovations): This dedicates refers to innovations that fundamentally disrupt old systems, create new market constituents and new markets while marginalizing old ones, and deliver dramatic new value opportunities to those who successfully implement and adapt to the innovation. To have a better understanding of this, a compelling case can be developed that healthcare will have a substantial disruptive innovation over the coming years.

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