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Sumarno Adi Subrata
Jonathan Bayuo
Busra Sahin


The growing evidence and technology in healthcare lead to an improvement in the patient's health across a continuum of services in clinical and community settings. A multidisciplinary team should work in tandem on this phenomenon. Therefore, innovative healthcare technology must be designed intensively to optimize productivity and provide new insight along with support the standard treatment for particular diseases. In the coming years, technology is needed to change the way of caring for the patient. This is a fundamental aspect because the recent technology has shaped up in front of our practice with advances in digital healthcare services, such as 3D printing, robotics, nanotechnology and even artificial intelligence (The Medical Futurist, 2021). To respond to this, updated studies should be developed and published focusing on innovative technology including in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and other health-related topics.


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