Patient in health scale validation and self-management among Omani patients with mental health problems

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Khaldoun M. Aldiabat
Muna Alshammari
Enam Alsrayheen
Mohamad Musa


Self-management behavior is still fundamental in chronic illness care. However, studies focusing on self-management care in particular diseases in Arabic versions are limited in the literature. This study aimed to assess the self-management behaviour of Omani mentally ill patients and evaluate the validity and reliability of the Arabic version of the Partners in Health (PIH) Scale. Quantitative data were collected from 246 eligible participants from Oman's largest psychiatric and mental health hospital. Data were collected using 12 items on an Arabic-translated PIH scale. While descriptive data analysis was used for quantitative data, content validity and Cronbach's alpha coefficient were used to measure the validity and reliability of the PIH scale, respectively. Results showed that the Arabic version of PIH is valid and reliable; Omani mentally ill patients have moderate self-management behaviour in general, but specifically, they showed a lower level of knowledge and recognition of the symptoms and management of their mental illness. However, they also showed a moderate adherence to treatment and coping with the disease. It is concluded that the Arabic valid and reliable PIH can be used to measure self-management behaviour among the mentally ill Arab population. Healthcare providers in Oman are recommended to integrate health literacy, self-management assessment, and education in their clinical intervention and evaluation protocols to empower patients and their families to recognize and deal with the symptoms appropriately.

Keywords: Partners in health; mental health; self-management; Oman; mental illness; validity; reliability


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