Artificial Intelligence versus nurses: A new challenge in caring human being

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Estrin Handayani
Jimmy Choo


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly impact the field of healthcare, including the role of nurses in hospitals. In the bustling corridors of a modern hospital, a quiet revolution is underway as Artificial Intelligence (AI) quietly takes its place beside dedicated healthcare professionals. In this era of technological advancement, AI is finding a meaningful role in transforming the landscape of patient care, and the role of nurses, the heartbeat of any hospital, is evolving in tandem. As dawn breaks, nurses armed with tablets begin their rounds. AI algorithms, silently at work in the background, analyze patient records, historical data, and vitals, presenting a comprehensive snapshot of each patient's health. This digital ally empowers nurses with predictive insights, highlighting potential risks and enabling a proactive approach to patient care. In the realm of diagnostics, AI showcases its prowess. Nurses, supported by intelligent algorithms, receive nuanced analyses of diagnostic tests, allowing for more precise interpretations. The burden of manual data interpretation is lifted, giving nurses the time and mental space to focus on critical thinking and compassionate care.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; nursing care; nursing improvement; quality of life; clinical nursing practice


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