Foot SPA to enhance tissue perfusion on diabetic foot ulcers

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Yunizar Nur Muhammad Amrie
Robiul Fitri Masithoh
Sodiq Kamal


Diabetes mellitus is a disturbance where the blood sugar level is high (hyperglycemia). The problems that often occur are the duration of wound healing due to treatment, ineffective blood flow to the legs, and making leg muscles feel stiff. observasion study. This research aims to apply diabetes foot spa innovation to increase peripheral tissue perfusion on diabetes wounds in Magelang district. The study uses a case study with a foot spa innovation on an elderly male client aged 56 who has diabetes mellitus wounds. This research data uses descriptive research methods, interviews, and documentation. Researchers analyze the existing data using the domain analysis method after tabulating it. Results show that diabetic foot spa innovations can increase peripheral tissue perfusion or blood flow to the feet within 5 days. Foot spa innovation is useful for improving blood flow to wounds, relaxing, and making you comfortable.


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