Piper ornatum for wound cleansing in diabetic foor ulcers

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Pricilia Pravita Sari
Margono Margono
Eka Sakti Wahyuningtyas


Macroangiopathy causes diabetic ulcers, resulting in vascular insufficiency and neuropathy. To treat wounds, it is necessary to apply wound washing with a decoction of red betel leaves (Piper Ornatum). This case study aims to see the effectiveness of the application of wound washing with red betel leaf (Piper Ornatum) decoction in diabetic ulcer patients. This research is a case study using a sampling method in the form of purposive sampling. The sample in this case study was Ny.S., aged 41 years, who had grade 1 diabetic ulcers. We collected the data for this study using participatory observation methods, unstructured interviews, and documentation. After tabulating the data, we analyzed it using domain analysis. This case study uses a descriptive method. Results: The case study results showed that wound washing with red betel leaf (Piper Ornatum) decoction improved the wound tissue in the diabetic ulcer patient, Ny.S. The Bates Jensen Wound Assessment Tool score before treatment was 35 (wound regeneration), and after 4 treatments, it decreased to 28 (wound regeneration). Application of wound washing with decoction of red betel leaves (Piper Ornatum) can help in the healing process of diabetic ulcers.


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